Cruise in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

October 2014 

Halong Bay is considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the world and is located in Vietnam, not far from the border with China. Halong Bay has thousands limestone islands, which make the place very picturesque and an ideal destination for lot of visitors every day. A visit to the floating village of Vung Vieng allows tourists to appreciate the simple life of locals, living in perfect harmony with the water.

Vietnam Cruise in Halong bay
Ha Long Bay is located in Vietnam, into Gulf of Tonkin, about 3 hours by road from Hanoi. Tours in Ha Long Bay are generally operated by small cruise ship and lasts two days (one night).
Ha Long
Ha Long Bay has approximately 2,000 small limestone islands spread over an area of ​​about 1,500 square kilometers.
Ha Long bay Ha Long bay Vietnam

Photos of Halong Bay. The bay of Halong is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites and in 2011 it was included in the list of New Seven Wonders of the Natural World, in second position.
Ha Long Bay Halong
Halong bay

Cruise in Ha Long bay, sailing between the limestone islands.
Halong Vietnam
A fishing station used by local populations living within the waters of Ha Long Bay.
Ha Long cruise
Ha Long bat ship Halong bay cruise
Over the last years, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam has become a rather popular tourist destination: dozens of small wooden ships, with cabins having different levels of comfort, depart every day from the local harbour a few hours away by car from Hanoi.
Most of the cruises in Ha Long Bay include a visit to a floating village, where people live permanently on the water.
Vung Vieng village Vung Vieng
Floating village

Photos of Vung Vieng floating village. It is located about 24 kilometers off the coast of Vietnam, and is entirely built over water.
Floating village in Hanoi

Boat trips among the floating houses of Vung Vieng village in Ha Long Bay. Currently it seems that the government of Vietnam wants to relocate the village on the mainland, in order to ensure better living conditions and an adequate level of education for children.
Floating home Floating houses

More photos of Vung Vieng in Ha Long Bay.
Pictures of daily life in Halong Bay.
The islets of Halong Bay are home to numerous caves.
Vietnam limestone caves Cave in Ha Long Bay
Caves in Halong bay

Some caves extend into the heart of limestone island for hundreds of meters and can be visited with short walks. Unfortunately, this kind of excursion is very popular, therefore the cave may look very crowded.
Halong bay sunset
A sunset in Halong bay.

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